The printing press is arguably one of the greatest inventions of all time. Letterpress revolutionized printing in the mid 1400’s; it became the primary method of printing and distributing information and encouraged the spread of information and ideas.  


For centuries letterpress printing was the standard method of printing, but with the evolution of more modern printing methods, such as offset printing, letterpress became less efficient. Today, it is considered an art form in itself. 


Letterpress is a relief method of printing, where the design is inked and pressed into the paper creating an impression that can be seen and felt. Each piece of paper is individually hand fed once per color so no two prints are ever the same. Letterpress provides an “impression” (pun intended) that modern printing methods simply cannot produce.


Over the years the process of letterpress printing has somewhat changed, but the passion for the craft and the meticulous attention to detail still remain strong.